I have been learning many different aspects of computing and programming on my own since I was ten years old. This made me a quick self-learner, capable of learning new technologies and frameworks as they are needed.
In my day-to-day, I work on a wide variety of projects, which require a breadth of knowledge as well as the ability to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.


  • 2018-pres: Developer at DSTNY (formerly Escaux) specialized in a backend/DevOps role.

Software Development

Programming languages

  • Python: Expert;
  • Scripting: Expert with bash and proficient with perl scripting;
  • SQL: Proficient with MySQL and PostgreSQL;
  • C: Proficient, used in on several projects;
  • Web: Proficient with HTML/CSS/JS. Over two years experience with TypeScript and ReactJS;
  • Go: Used it on a few projects;
  • Rust: Used it on a few personal projects.


  • Linux: Expert, have been using it as my main operating system for nearly ten years;
  • Git: Proficient, including advanced features such as gitflow, submodules, subtrees, worktrees…
  • CI/CD: Proficient, wrote and maintain many GitLab CIs over the years;
  • Ansible: Proficient, wrote tens of playbooks over four years;
  • Prometheus/Grafana: Proficient, wrote several prometheus exporters and grafana dashboards;
  • HAProxy/NGINX: Proficient, handled load balancing and access rules/authentication for many services;
  • TLS: Intermediate (simple PKI, automatic Let's Encrypt DNS-01, client cert auth)…
  • Networking: Intermediate. Can debug most issues;
  • Docker: Proficient. Ussed it for a home lab, as well as for many CIs and development environments;
  • Kubernetes: Beginner. Starting to use it at work;
  • … And more I definitely forgot.